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These shorts are for reading, not wearing. Each one stands alone (something our other shorts don't do too well), so pick one, read one. Then come back later and read another one. And please, tell us what you think.


Why Girls' Camouflage Board Shorts? - for analytical types
It's where two big growth trends come together: surf-inspired apparel and fashion-conscious little girls. That's still too big a chunk, though. Internet marketing research told us to pick one very specific product, then build around it. So we chose girls' board shorts, in the very popular camouflage style. We believe it's the cutting edge of fashion, and we're excited.

Where Are the Actual Pink Camo Board Shorts? - for fashion-conscious types
Not too long ago, if a girl wanted board shorts, or any other surfing gear, she had to buy boys'. They didn't make them for girls, because "they" thought that surfing gear was for surfing, and surfing was for boys. But there's no reason the fun and fitness of surfing has to be just for boys. And there's no reason the cool, comfortable board shorts style has to be just for surfers. But "they" haven't been making girls' board shorts for long, so they don't come in all the fashion looks, in all the colors, in all the sizes. Until then, we girls will be smart. We'll wear basic board shorts and accessorize to show our style. And chances are, the result will be virtually the same as if we had started with wearing pink camo board shorts in the first place.

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